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Katya Mischenko-Mycyk,
For the last two months, the Ukrainian people have been pleading with the West to support their right to live in a country with values and
human dignity. Beyond issuing verbal admonishments to the Yanukovych regime, the West has done nothing.

Today, Putin's proxy regime has attempted to establish a dictatorship and has unleashed unprecedented violence against the peaceful
people of Ukraine and yet, nothing but words from the West.

The thugs running Ukraine understand one thing – SANCTIONS.

The UCCA is holding critical meetings in Washington DC on Thursday to demand immediate support for Ukraine.

UCCA urges the Ukrainian American community to FLOOD the White House, the State Department and your representatives on
Capitol Hill with emails/phones/faxes demanding sanctions – freezing of assets and visa restrictions – against the thugs ordering
the attacks on the people of Ukraine.

You don't need to explain the issue. The U.S. government already knows the issue. They already know who should be on the list of
sanctions.You just need to add your voice in support of the people of Ukraine.

The Executive Branch can impose sanctions. E-mail the White House and the State Department in support of sanctions.

Email President Obama at :

Email Secretary of State Kerry at:

The Legislative Branch can recommend sanctions, as well. E-mail your Representatives asking that they call the White House and the
State Department supporting the call for sanctions.

Find your representatives here: and ask them to call the White House and the State Department to
support sanctions - freezing of assets and visa restrictions – against the thugs ordering the attacks on the people of Ukraine and the
oligarchs supporting them.

Please take a moment to send messages to the Europeans -- they should be getting floods of messages/calls about
this. It only takes a minute.  
Sanctions now. Freeze assets. Save lives.

STEFAN FULE, EU Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy:
Fuele's staff:


Contacts for European Council, President Herman Van Rompuy:
Tel: +32 (0)2 281 61 11
send message at: http://

European Council main switchboard: Main switchboard: (32-2) 281 61 11
For the past three months, the Ukrainian people have been the active front-line of
defense for not only their own freedom, but the freedom of the entire trans-Atlantic
alliance. While the world looked on, they courageously withstood bloody assaults,
murders and executions. Still, they continued to stand together in their demand for the
rule of law and the right to live with dignity in a civil society.

Now, the collapse of the Yanukovych regime comes amidst reports that Russian war ships
are amassing off the Ukrainian coast and that the Putin regime is attempting to establish a
pretense for a Hitleresque Sudetenland option in Ukraine. Additionally, the Russian
government is pursuing ever increasing, multi-vectored, political, economic, informational,
social, cultural and religious aggression and encroachment directed against Ukrainian
sovereignty. Putin's moves towards re-colonization are rightly viewed with alarm by our
NATO allies, most particularly by those in Central Europe. They are understood to be a
threat to the stabilizing transnational, trans-Atlantic security framework that first emerged
in the years after the Second World War and seemingly transformed with the fall of the
Soviet Union.

American geo-strategic interests depend upon regional stability which can only be
achieved by supporting the fragile democracy in Ukraine through its interim government.
The United States must take the lead in promoting international norms. The Ukrainian
Congress Committee of America calls on the United States to:

◾Facilitate all possible unilateral and multi-lateral economic assistance to Ukraine – in an
effort to stabilize the situation in Ukraine; including urging the International Monetary Fund
(and our European Allies) to provide the interim Ukrainian government with the necessary
financing so that it can begin restructuring its economic institutions according to OECD
country norms; Work with our allies to establish a Marshall Plan for Ukraine.

◾To act upon the public and politically binding security guarantees including, but not
exclusively, the 1994 Trilateral Agreement which elicits, at the very least, Washington's
engagement when Ukraine's security is threatened in exchange for Ukraine's commitment
to its renunciation of its nuclear weapons and its ascension to NPT as a non-nuclear
state. These assurances were critical for Ukraine and they included U.S. support for
Ukraine's territorial sovereignty and integrity, the non-use of force and the freedom from
economic coercion.

◾Publicly condemn any internal or external attempts or threats that affect Ukraine’s
territorial integrity, stability and political independence.
◾Expand the list of visa sanctions against the perpetrators of the massive violence in
Ukraine, to include Viktor Yanukovych and his “clan” as well as Russian official actively
threatening Ukraine.   Institute asset freezes for Ukrainian and Russian government
officials and others implicated in the state-sponsored crackdown on the peaceful

◾Freeze Russia's membership applications to OECD and other international

◾Support the Global Human Rights Accountability Act, legislation that would ensure that
human rights abusers from anywhere in the world are denied entry into the United States
and barred from using our financial institutions;

◾Actively engage in monitoring the upcoming presidential elections slated for May 25,
2014, and provide technical assistance where needed to ensure that they are held in a
free and fair manner, in accordance to international standards, so that the voice of the
people will be truly represented;

The United States must work to facilitate the transformation of Russia's lingering imperial
ambitions into ambitions of democratic statehood. With American support, a democratic,
independent Ukraine can be that keystone of freedom in the region. However, anything
less than a full commitment to strengthening Ukraine as a bulwark of freedom amounts to
nothing other than a policy of appeasement and history has shown that appeasement
simply does not work. Unless Ukraine is fully integrated into Europe and its structures,
trans-Atlantic security is simply an illusion.

The Ukrainian Congress Committee of America, the umbrella organization representing
over one million Americans of Ukrainian descent wholeheartedly commits itself to the
rebirth of a truly democratic and free Ukraine and to the people of this freedom-loving
nation and pledge our support to them in the hopes of attaining a future where true
freedom, democracy and the rule of law will endure and thrive.

February 26, 2014
URGENT!!! Need all to call the
White House Now! Urge
President Obama to call Putin to
(202) 456-1111 -
The White House